The Lynx 20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike is an exciting new product that Troxus Mobility is pleased to launch. The clean and classy electric bike offers its riders every advantage they could wish for without causing them any inconvenience or creating any mess.

For those who are new to e-bikes, imagine a standard bicycle and then add a motor, a battery, and a controller that are all flawlessly integrated into the design. These bikes have a maximum power output of 750w and have a range of 50 to 75 miles between charges. A motor assists the rider in moving forward by starting up as they pedal or using a handlebar throttle.

A Versatile E-Bike

The Lynx from Troxus is a versatile class II e-bike outfitted with front and back fenders, rear racks, and a large-capacity battery to accommodate the rider’s various needs in the city or outdoors. The bike can also transport both people and objects. The bikes are more stable and safe thanks to the lower gravity frame design. Riders can also attach a child seat and take their kids for the journey. Thanks to the bike’s Smart Display, users may readily monitor their information, such as Speed, Battery, Assistance level, and Trip Distance. People can quickly and easily read all of their information thanks to the LCD’s bright backlight, making it simple to concentrate on staying safe.

E-Bike’s 750 Bafang Motor

The bike’s 750W Bafang motor, which is strong enough to handle all the trails, was built into the machine. Every pedal stroke the cyclist makes along the journey is supported by the motor’s steady, intuitive power. In pedal assist mode, the strong motor firmly sustains speeds of up to 28 mph. The rider will have a perfect time because of the rapid responsiveness of the throttle.

Bright Headlights

The Lynx has headlights that are 80 Lux brighter than some cars, making nighttime travel more convenient for the user. The Lynx 20″ bike was designed with logistical considerations in mind, in addition to its physical and environmental benefits. A little carrier at the back allows the rider to carry bags of anything around town, giving them more flexibility in their daily lives.

Samsung 48V/20Ah Battery

An impressive battery is required for a strong motor, and the 48V/20Ah Samsung Battery is prepared to meet that need. It offers a range that is predicted to be up to 60 plus miles. Additionally, this battery is portable and easily detachable.

Fat Puncture-Resistant Tire

Riders can also take advantage of the tough 20″ tires puncture-resistant that have become synonymous with Troxus Mobility. A layer of aramid and ceramic particles is incorporated into the sidewalls and under the tread region of the Kenda tire liners. This substance creates a barrier that can effectively defend against shards of glass and other small objects. It has a wonderful balance of toughness and attractive design.

Riders have given the Lynx 20″ Fat Tire E-bike nothing but positive feedback.


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