Do you believe that picking a smartphone case takes only a few minutes? That’s not as simple as it appears. The moment you started to shop online or walk in a traditional mobile accessory store, you’ll find a lot of mobile case mate xs case and thus have a hard time making a decision. In this article, you’ll learn why you need a phone case as well as what to look for while shopping for one.

Does your smartphone need a phone case?

Consider how hard the entire market is currently trying for protecting your mobile phones. Having a phone cover is now widely regarded as the most effective method of protecting the smartphone against dampness, dust, and structural damages.

Furthermore, new cases may be utilised as a part of the smartphone’s attire. If the phone’s exterior has scrapes or cracks, one can simply disguise them beneath the new stylish case. You must gotta admit, it’s incredibly practical.

However, there seems to be one issue that must be addressed is that well-chosen good-quality phone covers can prevent your gadget from crashing, irrespective of when it is fallen on the ground. This alone should be enough to persuade you to purchase the phone case.

Case types and their uses

Back-plate covers

These are the most common phone coverings right now. They cover both the back and the sides of a phone. This style of phone cover is really useful because it is light in weight and doesn’t cover the display. Back-plate coverings that are carefully chosen will partially shield the display plus increase the possibilities of your gadget not crashing if it falls.

Folio cases

These are the safest sorts of cases. It is made to protect the phone’s screen as well as the backside. Folio cases are readily transformable and may be used as a holder, which is particularly useful if you are using your smartphone to read books or watch movies. The main drawbacks are the bulkiness of the cases as well as the requirement of opening and closing the top cover continuously.

Vertical flip covers

They appear to be like folio cases from outside; however, its top cover opens vertically instead of horizontally. The rest of the features are identical to those of folio cases. Vertical flip covers are designed specifically for people who feel convinent in opening the top cover vertically instead of aside.

Battery cases

These covers resemble ordinary back-plate covers; however, because of the attached battery, they are heavy. Battery covers are also significantly larger than standard phone cases, so you’re unlikely to use such regularly. These cases will be ideal while travelling.

Shockproof cases

These are identical to ordinary back-plate casings but significantly thicker and more durable. Shockproof covers provide the maximum quality of durability and are recommended for anybody who participates in sports activities like running, cycling, etc., travels often, or works in an industry with a high risk of falls or accidents like mountain guides. The majority of such phone covers are composed of tough and long-lasting materials like plastic, aluminium, and polycarbonate.

Pouch Covers

These covers are fashioned in the form of a bag or pouch having a string closure. They aren’t tough enough for protecting your gadget against crashes or moisture; however, they are ideal for preventing minor scratches.


These are comparable to pouches; however, they include clips and may be worn on the belt.

Armband cases

These covers are normally strapped to the person’s arm. They’re sturdy, composed using light materials, as well as include a specific place for keys, cards, or headphones. Ideal when working out, jogging, and other athletic pursuits.

Bottom Line

There are a variety of phone covers to choose from. But, you should select them depending on the context in which they will be used and also your tastes and needs. A back-plate cover, a flip case, or a folio case is preferred for everyday usage.


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