After buying the highlight wig you thought would fit you perfectly, it is disappointing that the wig does not fit you how you want. It does not mean that highlight wigs are not nice. Highlight wigs are great with color, texture, and other features. But because these hair types are the light types, it does not sit well on just any skin type. A common trait amongst many wig lovers is they believe that highlight wigs are the same things as blonde wigs. Realistically, highlight wigs are not the same as blonde wigs as their color is lighter than the blonde shade. Therefore, your highlight wig will pick the suitable skin type if it does not work well.

Buying a highlight wig that does not fit your skin type is very annoying, but it is not the end of the world. You can always dye this highlight wig into a color that suits your skin type. Of course, the first step is to ensure you are picking the right colors before you start dying. When you are sure of the color, you can proceed to dye your highlight wig. If the highlight wig you bought is a human hair wig, you are lucky. Dying a human hair wig is similar to dying your normal hair. This time, it seems easier because you will see the wig directly, unlike looking at the mirror when dying your hair. Here are the steps to dye your highlight wigs to your favorite color;

Choose a suitable hair dye and developer

Globally, there are many dye products you will find in different hair stores claiming to be good ones. But as long as you are using human hair, using a dye that works well for your hair is all you need. After buying the dye, what you need to buy is a developer. Most dye producers take time out to produce developers that work with their dyes, so try to get related products.

Mix the dye and developer in a bowl

After getting the suitable dye and developer, the next thing to do is to mix the dye and developer in a bowl.  As much as possible, read the instructions on both manuals for directions on the suitable mixes.

Test your mixed dye on a small portion of the wig

After mixing, the next thing is to ensure the mix is right. So use a small brush to test a remote part of the wig. If the color is okay by your standards, you can move to the next step.

Immerse your wig in the dye

Now that you trust the dye mix, the next thing is to immerse your wig in the dye. You should be wearing gloves already because you need to ensure that all wig parts are in the mix. After that, you can wear the wig on your stand and comb it. Ensure that you leave the wig for some time to ensure the color dries on it.


After dying your wig properly with the steps above, ensure you wash it with a good shampoo and conditioner to ensure it is shining.


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