If you are fond of nature yet live in an apartment, you can get your own glass terrarium. A glass terrarium helps you grow plants that are not suitable to grow in your house, i.e., if its temperature or atmosphere is not ideal for the plant. Here are the 10 Best Glass Terrariums for Succulents to grow conveniently at home. Glass terrariums already come with an instruction guide, soil in which you can grow plants easily, and even charcoal. These also contain accessories to enhance your terrariums look. It is built in such a unique way that its cleaning is also very easy.

Why are glass terrariums better than plastic terrariums?

Glass terrariums help plants grow more effectively than plastic ones. Glass terrariums help plants stay more healthy; however, plastic terrariums may affect plant growth. Plastic terrariums are light, and they can be easily prone to discoloration, giving a rather dirty look to your terrarium. Even in price, glass terrariums are cheaper than plastic ones. Glass terrariums are long lasting, and even after years, their color does not change, nor does it show any sign of discoloration. These terrariums are present in different shapes and sizes. If you have a gardener spirit in you, yet you do not have the facility of a garden, you can own a terrarium.

Which environment is best for your plants in a terrarium?

It completely depends on whether your plant requires an air-tight medium or an open medium if the terrarium is to be stored in a humid environment or in direct sunlight. Soil is also very important for your terrarium. Not just any type of soil will allow your plant to grow. Terrariums have a special kind of soil for them. If you cannot get that, you can shift to rich organic soil. Plant terrariums also require activated charcoal with sand, so plants do not get spoiled quickly; instead, they can grow effectively. Different types of plants require another medium, plants that require less water grow in an open atmosphere. Also, you need to be aware of the number of plants growing in the terrarium to avoid over-crowding it.

How should you water your terrarium?

Your plants in the terrarium do not require to be watered every day; however, you should sprinkle them with water at least once a week. You can use a spray bottle to water it. Do not water it excessively; do not be too frugal about it. If you notice a bad odor from it, it indicates that you are watering the plant excessively.

How to decorate your glass terrarium

You can decorate your terrarium by adding small stones to it. You can even grow mosses in it with your plants for more greenery. You can add sea shells or decorative rocks but make sure not to overload it with outrageous things. You can gift someone a glass terrarium if they are fond of gardens. Keep it decorative, as well as give plants enough space to grow. Get your terrarium and fulfill your gardening wish!


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