One of the well-known vaporizers under the UWELL brand is the CALIBURN G pod system. Vapers adore it for its portability, superior construction, and lightweight. The fact that this pod system is highly pocket-friendly makes it an excellent option for those constantly on the road, which is another item that is seen as one of its benefits.

Since this is not a disposable vaporizer, it requires different activation and maintenance procedures than disposable vaporizers do. A reliable pod system that accepts excellent coils is the CALIBURN G.

Many consumers have returned to us believing that their CALIBURN G is damaged. We will therefore make some clarifications and for customer satisfaction. So, let’s start our discussion which the starting of the pod system;

How to clean UWELL Pod System

Sometimes when trying to take a drag, you realize no vapor is coming out. There’s probably a remedy for it, so don’t worry!

Typically, if your CALIBURN G is not producing any vapor when you use the button or just inhaling, it is probably flooded.

How long should a Caliburn pod be primed?

The ideal time to prime a Caliburn pod is 10 to 15 minutes. Priming is a crucial step you should always take when using a new device, including refilling your CALIBURN G device. Priming involves letting the e-liquid soak up the wicking material in the pod’s atomizer.

Simply letting your freshly filled device sit for a few minutes before vaping will prime a coil. Depending on the caliber of your ring and the e-liquid you’re using, priming typically takes 10 to 15 minutes.

Can Caliburn Pods be filled again?

Caliburn pods can be refilled, yes. But there are somethings you need to know about Uwell CALIBURN G filling.

When your Caliburn pod runs out of juice, you only need to buy a new one if yours is broken. The Caliburn pods are simple to refill. All you need is your preferred e-liquid. You need a little squeeze bottle with a thin tip if your e-liquid doesn’t come with a dropper.

How to Extend the Life of Caliburn Pods

Cleaning your Caliburn pods is not something you want to do every day, even though you can always wash them and reuse them. In light of this, making your pods last as long as possible will benefit your experience. To support you in doing that, we’ll offer some advice.

Use either unsweetened or lightly sweetened e-liquid. Sweeteners will destroy your pods much more quickly than any other ingredient, even though all e-liquid flavors, to some extent, contribute to coil gunk.

If you want to buy the best flavor and quality of  Caliburn pod, you can visit UWELL, the best brand famous for vaping products.

Bottom line

Although popping in a pre-filled pod and vaping isn’t the same as filling your pod, it will become your second choice after you’ve done it a few times. You will receive a significantly longer battery life in exchange for more significant, pleasant vapor clouds. A lot of money will be saved as well.


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