A deck box is a great way to store your outdoor supplies and keep them off the ground. It’s also an excellent way storage space to your yard without building a shed or garage. If you want a custom deck box that’s both functional and beautiful, here are some ideas:

Make it a perfect fit.

Measure your deck before buying a box to make it a perfect fit. This will ensure that you have enough room for the box and that your deck can be stored safely inside when not in use. Also, measure the space where you plan to store the custom deck box to ensure it fits comfortably with other furniture or objects in the area.

Paint it to match your home’s exterior.

Painting a deck box to match your home’s exterior is an easy way to make it blend in with the space around it. For example, if your house is painted red, painting the deck box red will look great and create a nice visual connection between the two.

You can also use contrasting colors for this project by painting the deck box a color that contrasts with your home. For example, if you have a white house with green shutters and doors, paint the deck box blue or purple for contrast!

The third option for painting a custom deck box is using neutral colors like black or white fabric paint on top of unfinished wood. This gives you some flexibility when choosing which parts of your outdoor space will complete best together while still allowing you room for creativity within those limits – think about how well this would work at night when everything becomes illuminated against one another.

Design it with a specific purpose, like a planter or bench seat.

Designing a custom deck box for your outdoor space is an excellent way to add functionality to your outdoor space. By creating a unique design, you can make the most of this storage and seating solution by making it serve multiple purposes.

  • If you’re looking for a way to add color and life consider using your custom deck box as a planter! The wide opening at the top makes it easy to access your plants without digging them up when they need a little water or fertilizer. Plus, since there’s no drainage hole on top (unless you want one), moisture will stay inside so plants stay healthy longer than they would otherwise.
  • Use it as a bench seat: If you’re not interested in gardening but still want something other than just wood slats on top of each other, then consider using one side of your custom deck box as sitting space while leaving another side open for storage needs such as gardening tools, small games like Uno or Jenga®, etc.) This way, everyone can have somewhere comfortable where they can sit down for those long summer nights when everyone wants their turn playing cards after dinner!

Make it blend into the landscaping.

If you want to create a unique deck box that blends into the landscaping, consider using natural materials like wood, neutral colors like white or grey, and textures like bark or stone. If you want to make a permanent fixture (a la Lassig), consider using cement instead of wood.

This is an especially good option if you have a few trees in your yard that could be incorporated into the design of your deck box.

Incorporate smart storage solutions.

Deck boxes can be used to store items that don’t fit in your home. A deck box is a great option if you have some extra things lying around the house and want to get them out of sight. You can even keep those things hidden from view by placing them in the corner of your yard or garden where no one will see it.

You could also use a deck box as an additional storage space for items that don’t fit well into your home’s interior design or style but still need to be kept safe and secure. For example, if you’re renovating a kitchen and are planning on keeping some appliances out of sight for now, then storing them in a deck box until you’re ready would be an ideal solution!

Create an innovative lid design like the one shown here.

The lid of your deck box can be as simple or complex as you’d like it to be. One idea is to have a traditional hinged lid, which would use a hinge, latch, and handle. Another option is a removable lid that can be placed in the box when not needed but removed when your deck box needs to double as storage for other items. Finally, another possibility is an openable top that allows access inside your deck box without removing any parts.

Use wood for its durability and longevity.

Wood has been used for centuries for building structures because it’s strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow while also being easy to work with when cutting out pieces from logs or planks.

Give it personality!

One way to make the custom deck box even more interesting is to give it some personality. You can choose a unique shape and add your own custom design, or select a color that matches your home’s exterior or the landscaping. If you have an idea for something truly unique, let us know!

A custom deck box can be both functional and beautiful!

To make sure you get the right deck box, you will want to consider a few things:

  • How does it fit with the space? Is it too big or too small for its surroundings? Does it match other items around it?
  • What is its purpose? Is it going to be used as storage for tools or as a place to rest your feet when sitting on your deck. Consider what you’ll use it for and how often before choosing a design.
  • How will you decorate the deck box? You may want to paint over any existing designs on the wood, stamp in new designs, or leave them plain. If painting is something you would like to do yourself, many tutorials online can help guide your efforts! Of course, if this isn’t something that interests you, then these options won’t matter much at all – pick one with an appealing shape/design and color scheme which fits into your overall landscaping plan best! As long as they’re aesthetically pleasing while also being functional, then those are all good choices 🙂


We hope these ideas will help you turn your deck box into a one-of-a-kind piece that suits your outdoor space. A custom deck box can be both functional and beautiful


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