The art of photography has always been the one that serves many purposes, most importantly, capturing and documenting events. From the day of camera obscura; which involves projecting images through a hole in the wall and then later lens; to today, photography has evolved not only to give us better pictures but also to have gadgets suitable for different individual purposes.

While a small camcorder might serve a student who only needs to document what he has seen on a field trip, a professional photographer needs way more than that. And a DSLR camera which works just fine for capturing the beautiful moments at a wedding party can just not be the right gadget for keeping an eye on your office when you are not there.

The growth of technology and artificial intelligence has opened the door for advancement in photography as well, making it possible to have cameras that serve purposes as complicated as tracking subjects with the use of motion.

Now imagine a camera that can be installed in just a place, not just to capture what is directly in front of it but also to rotate its movement and capture things along the way. Fantastic right? It also seems that that’s what a Close-Circuit Television is meant to do.

And you know, you might just have your CCTV without people even knowing that it exists. Want to know how? A read further might tell you


How the 360o camera make photographing better for you

A 360o camera is majorly a surveillance tool. You probably want to keep an eye on who enters your home when you are not there, what happens in your baby’s room when you are in the kitchen or what happens in the office of your small business, for which you are not able to afford a CCTV yet, in your absence.

With a camera as simple as the 1080P full HD mini camera, you can easily keep a tab on your porch, garden, or anywhere in your home or office, without anyone even noticing the presence of a surveillance object.

To even be more discreet, what do you think about having a light bulb which can tell you exactly what is going on in your home. That does not only allow you to use your phone to monitor your home, you also are probably the only one that knows what it is. Too bad for the thief, you know.

While most of these cameras concentrate often on the video, you can also take it one step further by getting one that also allows audio transmission. That is quite a great option for keeping surveillance in your baby’s nursery.

Apart from the surveillance duties primary to 360o cameras, there are also some like the Huawei Coolplay panoramic 360 camera which might just be your go-to for fieldwork or a school project. All you have to do is attach it to your phone and voila! You have it all captured while staying in one place.

Do you know what this means? With lesser money, stress, and more assurance, you can easily keep your eyes on things and places that matter, record events, and document, right on your phone. And that shouldn’t even cause too much challenge to your finances, you can easily find something that fits your budget here.


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